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Ingredient: Ferrum phosphoricum

Product Description: Kali Muriaticum has marked action in treating otitis media. It helps in chronic catarrhal conditions of the middle ear with snapping and noises in the ear. There is deafness from swelling of external ear and throat troubles. There is great effusion about the auricle. It also helps in glandular swellings and in infectious diseases of children. Glands about the ear are swollen. Kali Muriaticum also helps in deafness due to blow. It also helps in nasal catarrh with phlegm which is white and thick. Pharynx with adherent crusts. Kali Muriaticum also helps in follicular tonsillitis and sinusitis. Tonsils are enlarged, inflammed making breathing difficult. Kali Muriaticum also helps in eye disorders with discharge of white mucus from eyes or yellow, greenish matter and yellow purulent scabs. It also helps in superficial flat ulcer of the eye and in corneal opacities. Kali Muriaticum is also a chief remedy for oral ulcers. Aphthae with white ulcers in the mouth. Swollen glands about jaw and neck. There is grayish white coating on the tongue. Tongue either dry or slimy. Kali Muriaticum also helps in indigestion caused due to rich fatty food. Indigestion with vomiting of white opaque mucus, water gathers in mouth. Pain in stomach with constipation. Constipation with light coloured stools due to sluggish action of liver or as a consequence of jaundice. It also helps in diarrhea after fatty food and in typhoid fever with pale, yellow, white or slimy stools. Kali Muriaticum is also useful in bleeding hemorrhoids, blood dark and thick, fibrinous and clotted. Kali Muriaticum is also suitable remedy for stiff joints. Rheumatic pains felt only during motion or increased by motion. Pains worse in night, from warmth of bed. Lightning like pains from small of back to feet. Must get out of bed and sit up. Exudations and swelling around the joints. Also stiffness of wrist while writing. Kali Muriaticum is also indicated in acne, abscess, boils, carbuncles and warts. There are vesicular eruptions containing thick white contents. Dry flour like scales on the skin. Ulcers with whitish, flour like coating or fibrinous white discharge. Also skin conditions caused due to bad effects of vaccination

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