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Ingredient: Arnica Montana Q,Brahmi Q,Lavandula Angustifolia Q,Cantharis Q,

Product Description: Arnikesh® is a medicated hair oil concentrate prepared in vegetable oil base, with combinations of herbal extracts having therapeutic efficacy of nourishing, revitalizing & conditioning the hair and scalp, thereby preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth. Brahmi is well known for its ability to restore hair and prevent any further damage. It's fragrance induces relaxation and helps in stress related conditions like alopecia and general hair loss. Combined with the action of Cantharis, it promotes blood circulation in the scalp, thereby stimulating it. Antibacterial and anti- inflammatory by nature. Arnica, prevents septic infection and inflamed conditions of scalp thereby strengthening hair follicles. Lavendula revitalizes the hair, promoting a soothing effect to the scalp and being a strong antimicrobial and antibacterial , it prevents skin allergies. The combined action of these ingredients in Arnikesh® nourishes the scalp, prevents infections, adding volume making hair lustrous and shiny. The Vegetable Oil Base in Arnikesh® effectively nourishes the scalp, due to it's high penetrative property. For better results, regular usage is recommended, especially in complaints of insomnia, burning eyes, headaches, scalp infections, migraines, over exposure to sun, dry hair resulting from over-usage of strong shampoos and cosmetic products that can damage hair.

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