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Ingredient: Calcarea sulphurica

Product Description: Calcarea Sulphurica has marked action on yellow mucus. All the mucus discharges are yellow, thick and lumpy. There is inflammation of eyes with discharge of thick yellow matter. Yellowish discharge from posterior nares, sometimes blood streaked and edges of nostrils swollen and hard. One sided discharge from the nose. Calcarea Sulphurica is also useful in suppurating stage of tonsillitis when abscess is discharging. Suppurating sore throat. Useful in last stage of ulcerated sore throat with discharge of yellow matter. Calcarea Sulphurica also helps in cough. There is cough with hectic fever and purulent and sanious expectoration. There is pain across chest. Burning and weakness in chest. Catarrh with thick lumpy, white yellow or pus like secretion. Calcarea Sulphurica is useful in abscess and cysts. There is a tendency to formation of abscess in the body in any place. Painful abscess about the anus in cases of fistula. Calcarea Sulphurica also helps in skin conditions like cuts, wounds, bruises, ulcers and eczema. Skin is unhealthy discharging pus. Wounds do not heal readily. Skin affections with yellowish scabs. It is indicated in dry eczema in children. Calcarea Sulphurica is also indicated in hemorrhages, dysentry, injuries, polyps and spermatorrhea.

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