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20GM 200X240.0000
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Ingredient: Calc Phos, Ferrum phos, Kali phos, Natrum Mur

Product Description: Calcarea Phosphorica is a chief remedy for tardy dendition, bone and joint disorders. Dentition is difficult, delayed or complicated in children. Teeth develop slowly and there is rapid decay of teeth. Calcarea Phosphorica is also useful in complaints during dentition. Calcarea Phosphorica is also indicated in bone and joint disorders. There is defective bone develepment with tendency of bones to curve, especially long bones. There is slow learning to walk on account of weak ankles. Instability to stand. Frontanelles remain open too long in babies. Spine is weak and disposed to curvature. Cranial bones are thin and brittle. The spine in lumbar region is so weak that the child cannot sit upright unless the back is supported. Calcarea Phosphorica also helps in rheumatism and stiff neck. Rheumatism caused after getting wet in rain. Pain in joints and various other parts. There is stiffness and pain with cold numb feeling. Pain is worse from change of weather, winter, by motion and exertion. Also stiffness in the neck with dullness in head. Calcarea Phosphorica is also indicated in fractures of the bones whenthere is non-union and mal union of bones. Calcarea Phosphorica is useful in anemia after acute diseased and chronic wasting diseases. The anaemic children are peevish, flabby, have cold extremities and feeble digestion. Numbness and crawling sensation in different organs. It also helps in brain fag. The patient is forgetful. Always wants to go somewhere. Complaints worse when thinking about them. Emaciated body with sunken flabby abdomen. Calcarea Phosphorica is also indicated in headache, colic and leucorrhoea. Headache of gastric origin, abdominal flatulence and mental exertion. It is useful in headache of school girls, at about puberty. Headace worse during change of weather, after eating. Better during rest. Calcarea Phosphorica also helps in colicky pain in abdomen at every attemp to eat. Abdomen is sunken and flabby. There is soreness and burning around naval during colic. Flatulence is temporarily relieved after sour eructation. The patient craves smoked and salted meat and salty food. There is great hunger with thirst. Calcarea Phosphorica is also useful in leucorrhoea in young girls which is like white of an egg, worse in the morning with violent back pain. Calcarea Phosphorica also helps in cold, sore throat, enlarged and swollen tonsils. Sore aching in throat, cannot open mouth without pain. Tonsils are enlarged and swollen in children.

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