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KALI PHOS-3X,6X,12X,30X,200X,

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25GM 3X85.0000
450GM 3X600.0000
25GM 6X85.0000
450GM 6X600.0000
25GM 12X85.0000
450GM 12X600.0000
25GM 30X85.0000
450GM 30X600.0000
25GM 200X85.0000
450GM 200X600.0000

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Ingredient: Kali phosphoricum

Product Description: Kali Phos is a nerve nutrient. Nervous exhaustion, nervous indigestion, nervous headaches, skin problems brought on by anxiety, and the many other ailments that can be associated with stress are all indications that may be relieved by Kali Phos. Symptoms are generally worse from mental & physical exertion and cold, and better with rest and warmth. Indications: Simple Nervous Tension: Kali Phos is the principal nerve tissue remedy; the nerve nutrient and revitaliser which should be given in ailments of nervous character. It is the remedy when the nerves are said to be "on edge." Occasional Sleeplessness: Kali Phos is the principle remedy relief of symptoms of occasional sleeplessness from nervous causes or due to overexcitement.

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