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Ingredient: CALC CARB 30, CHAMMOMILLA 30

Product Description: Product Description : For Kids to get Teeth Easily With Mimimum Pain and discomfort. Dentonic Brands is one of the most famous Dental Product. It was previously famous of iys Dentonic tooth powder but its tooth paste is also very famous. It is a complete pacage wich whitens teeth and protects teeth and gums from tooth decay and bacteria. It has MFP fluoride and calcium GP whivh are the source of strengh and protection against cavity for teeth. Benefits of Dentonic Tooth paste: * It gives painless teething for kids * Protects teeth from bacteria and gems * Dual action formula with MFP fluoride and calcium GP * It also contains cleaning agent for teeth and gums * It is very effective against cavity and tooth decay Storage instruction: Keep in dry and cool place Ingradients : 3 - Pills at a Time 3 Times a Day

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