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Ingredient: Anacardium: Arsenicum album: Belladonna: Gelsemium: Kalium phosphoricum

Product Description: Disturbances in cerebral function, weakness of memory. Faulty spiritual development of school-children, indifference, lassitude exhaustion. MODE OF ACTION OF MAIN INGREDIENTS: A variety of remedies with particular cerebral activity are included in this complex. The individual symptomatologies as follows: Anacardium: Specific action in weakness of memory. Arsenicum album: Helpful in cerebral anaemia, stimulant of the cellular function. Belladonna: In cerebral congestion. Gelsemium: In vertigo. Kalium phosphoricum: General tonic of the cerebral function. Excellent nutritive remedy for the nerves. Lycopodium: Very effective with irregularities in the development of children, through its influence on the detoxicating function of the liver. Sepia: Against exhaustion and morosity. DOSAGE - Generally 3-4 times daily 10-15 drops in some water before meals. - After improvement 2-3 times daily the same dose. REMARKS - Complementary remedies:R33 for epileptic tendency. - R36 with soothing effect in chorea minor and the nervosity of children. - R31 in anaemia.

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