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Ingredient: Atista Radix Q ,Cynodon Dactylon Q,Hemidesmus Indicia Q ,Holarrhena Antidysenteica Q , Terminalia C

Product Description: Dyskoll® Syrup is an ideal homoeopathic combination for effective control of diarrhoea and dysentery in acute as well as chronic conditions. The therapeutic efficacy of Dyskoll ® is due to the time tested properties of its constituents. It has dual action on protozoal & bacterial pathogens. Dyskoll ® Syrup is used in amoebic & bacillary dysentery and has especially proved effective in acute and chronic diarrohea & dysentery. It relieves abdominal pain, eliminates debility & loss of appetite associated with these conditions. It is safe, with no contra-indications or side effects,also recommended for children.

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