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Ingredient: Calendula Officinalis, Acidum Boracicum 1x, Zicum Oxydatum 1x,

Product Description: A herbal antiseptic , Calendol Special Cream is very useful on open, lacerated and oozing wounds. It has also proven to be very useful in post surgical dressing. Calendol Special Cream is also used on wounds that heal slowly. It is widely used for ulcers, carbuncles and inflammation, where the skin is deep red in colour. It is well known remedy for burns and scalds. The active ingredient in the product being the herbal extratcs of Calendol, which is known for its broad spectrum of antiseptic healing properties, the cream acts on the affected part of the skin reducing the chances of a septic condition. Calendol Special Cream being water soluble, has superior penetrative properties and high curative power.

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